Pascale's massage treatments are incredible - she has magic fingers and knows exactly where to find just the right spots to relieve the pain. It's always such a peaceful and relaxing experience. I would recommend her to anyone.


I have been coming to Pascale for both rei-ki treatment and coaching for over a year now and have really gained a lot from each visit.
I find the rei ki treatment very calming and relaxing and have been able to get rid of aches and pains as well as built up emotional stress from these treatments in particular.
I have recently started the coaching sessions and have found them very useful as well for dealing with past anxieties or personal issues of concern, and they have helped me deal with other problems that have arisen in a much more positive light.
I intend to continue coming for both treatments and would definitely recommend Pascale to anyone in need of spiritual healing.

Accounts Manager

NLP has brought about a huge change in my life in a matter of months. Pascale has helped me free myself from many limiting beliefs and thoughts, and now I'm much more focused and comfortable making decisions. I'm moving forward in my life which is now more in keeping with long held dreams and ambitions. NLP is a worthwhile investment and Pascale is an excellent practitioner.


The heavy weight is now off my shoulders, I feel happy and uplifted