Dying to be Right

Does it really matter whether you are right or not?
Why do we waste so much energy trying to be right?

I was seeing a client this week and found myself caught in a conversation where we were both going back and forth trying to be right.

As I became aware of what was happening – “I wanted to be right” – I realized a few things:

• this was creating unnecessary stress and disharmony
• my ego got the better of me by wanting to be right
• why was it so important to me to put my point across to her about something that was banal?

Since I was reacting with persistence – and I did not like what was going on – I decided to respond instead, as follows:

• I chose to shift my battling field and state to one of peace and harmony
• I chose to let go of my ego for peace and harmony sake
• I chose to rule with my heart instead of my head

To this end, I honoured my client’s inner knowing and let go of my ego.

I must say that this was one the most peaceful experiences. Instead of wasting energy trying to be right I chose to apply wisdom. This transformed my experience as it created a great feeling of inner peace!

Your happiness messenger 🙂

Question: When you try to be right what is your usual reaction and how do you feel?. You can comment here.

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