Day 8 – Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse

Wow! I am more than half way through the Chris James’ Mind and Body Cleanse. This is probably the most challenging phase, the Power Phase. It includes three days of just juicing. I love preparing the nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables and juicing them for I know that I am feeding my body with goodness.

Ok, your mind will play tricks on you: “Who do you think you are to do just juicing for three days! Here, have some chocolate!”. Undoubtedly your willpower will be tested. Funny enough I have not been tempted as I am determined to see the Mind & Body Cleanse through. I am looking forward to the Maintenance Phase.

It’s been such an incredible journey, some of the juices are just delicious. I drink about 600ml of fresh fruits and vegetables juices, three times a day and I do not get hungry.
My colonic hydrotherapy session is booked for Saturday.
Wish me luck! 🙂

Photo by: Iona Grecu

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