Day 4 of Chris James’ Mind and Body Cleanse™

I guess there were no Easter eggs for me this Easter! I started the Chris James’ Mind and Body Cleanse™ 4 days ago and I am so happy with my decision. I have just completed the Preparation phase and moving on to the Pre-purification phase.

Why did I feel I needed to do a cleanse?
I was feeling heavy, lacking energy, my digestion was getting more and more sluggish and my eyes a tinge yellow. I feel that I want to rejuvenate right now. It is incredible that my body is actually craving for just juicing so I look forward to the Power phase starting on Thursday.

I find it very easy to do the Mind and Body Cleanse™. Preparation is key, so I set myself a schedule which includes what to eat when following Chris James Club suggested recipes.
If you want to find out more about the cleanse I am doing please go to
(Photo by Andriy Solkyov)

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