Pascale Gibon

Pascale Gibon


A gifted Reiki Healer, Meditation Teacher and Personal Transformation Success Coach and Trainer. #1 Bestselling Author of “Yes! to Love – The Ultimate Guide to Personal Transformation for Everyday Life Balance and Founder of YES! TO Training, YES! TO Love Academy and The Everyday Life Balance Show.

When I decided in 2007 to leave the corporate world and set up my own business as a holistic therapist and healer, my mind was made up. I wanted to do something more rewarding in my life and I had a clear vision of what I wanted to create.

I love connecting with my clients and making a difference in their well-being. They might arrive tired, deflated, stressed out and discouraged yet it is for me highly rewarding when they leave my practice feeling great, energized and confident.

I am passionate about health and nutrition, well-being, personal and spiritual growth and success. As a Reiki Healer and Personal Transformation Success Coach and Trainer I am constantly evolving and I use my knowledge, my awareness, my understanding as well as my own experience to provide my clients with the best care. I am an avid reader, I cycle and practise yoga and meditation regularly.

I am an accredited complementary therapist member of the Complementary Therapist Association (CMtA), The Usui Reiki Network and the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (THINK). I am also an Independent Licenced LifeSuccess Consultant, a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Master Results Coach, a Transformation Meditation Teacher, a Passion Test Facilitator, and a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles.