Be Happy Any Day Of The Week

life satisfaction, life fulfilment, life fulfillment, define happiness

life satisfaction, life fulfilment, life fulfillment, define happiness

As I was buying tea last Friday from a well known high street coffee shop I was nicely greeted by the sales assistant:
– “Hi, how are you today?”, she said lovingly.
– “I am great thank-you” I replied and “How are you?”: I asked.
– She had a big grin on her face and replied: “I am happy because it’s Friday and it’s the end of the week”. I could see in her eyes the joy of Friday being a ‘great event’. She added: “Well I look forward to the week-end!”.

This got me thinking, her reaction reflected that of thousands of employed people, and raises an important question:

– If the majority of people can only be happy on Fridays because it is the end of the week what state of mind are they in the rest of the week?

We know that ‘Monday Blues’ is the least favourite day of the week, simply because it is the first day back at work.

– However, what happens on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday?

In order to be happy and happier shouldn’t our state of happiness be the same every single day of the week, regardless. Indeed, when we choose to embrace the present moment completely we welcome and enjoy every single day of the week and not just the end of it.

– Why should we start the beginning of the week in anticipation already of Friday; the end of the week?

We have identified that by doing so we do not allow ourself to be happy fully and to enjoy the present moment.

– In addition, is it possible that the ‘Happy Friday syndrome’ might be due to work dissatisfaction?

You can be happy whatever day of the week it is. In order to be happy in your work you have three options:

1. make the decision to find a job which will satisfy you fully. One which energises you, fulfils you and allows you to be in the flow of life.
2. change your thinking so that you start your day from a place of gratefulness and appreciation for the work you are currently doing, the people you are to meet, the people you work with, etc.
3. change your perception and consider doing your work from a place of service to your employer, your colleagues, your customers or your clients whatever is relevant to you.

I have this wonderful affirmation from Doreen Virtue, which I apply every day: “My work is a mirror of love through service”.

Allow yourself to be happy and feel good every single day of the week.

If you find this article useful please leave a comment and if you choose to implement any of the recommendations made please share with us the changes you have made and your results.

Love and light
Your happiness messenger 🙂

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