5 Success Principles We Can Learn From Andy Murray’s Win

Last Sunday the 7th of June 2013, Andy Murray finally did it. He beat Novak Djokovic and became the first British Wimbledon Champion after a 77-year wait. This win was significant to say the least not just for British tennis but for the nation as a whole.

Here are 5 success principles we can learn from his success and victory:

1. It takes DETERMINATION to become a champion

Earl Nightingale said that: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. I always keep this quote in mind. What it means is that success does not happen overnight. The goal you have set must be worthy of you. In other words it has to be bigger than you, for you to put all the necessary efforts into it. It has to be worthy of your time and energy.

Andrew Murray was first noticed at the age of 18 when he won the US Junior title. At the age of 26 he wins the Wimbledon title (8 years in waiting)

2. It takes COURAGE to become a champion

Despite a back injury before Roland Garros, Andy Murray did not lose his sight on the Wimbledon title. His first step was winning the Queen’s Club title two weeks prior. A lot of hard work and efforts were required of him to become a champion: physical and mental toughness. He said that in the end everything was so foggy that he could not remember what really happened during the last game against Djokovic. He gave it all!

3. It takes FOCUS to become a champion

We knew the significance of him winning on his home ground. His training started with the end in mind to win the Wimbledon Title. He said that now he has won Wimbledon he can now relax as the Wimbledon win was the pinnacle. So much pressure was lying on his shoulders yet he did not give up! Giving up would have been his little voice saying: “Gosh it is getting too hot, i cannot possibly give more, I can hardly breathe! there is no more energy in the tank to give! I cannot do it! etc.”

Yet he kept his focus.

4. CHANGE is necessary to become a champion

He said during an interview at when he was younger he used to eat pizza before a match without worrying too much about his diet. Now he is very conscious of what he eats to keep fit. Before a match he would have pasta for example with tomato sauce and no cheese!

5. A DREAM TEAM is necessary to become a champion

Andy Murray had to surround himself with the dream team in order to make the dream come true. It takes ‘team work’ to make the ‘dream work’. This support team was also instrumental in his success.

If you are currently doubting your own success I hope that the above success principles will inspire you to take the necessary actions to realize your worthy goal.

How does his success inspire you?

Your happiness messenger 🙂

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