“12 Days”

Look Good and Feel Great with ’12 Days’ from Chris James Mind Body!

“A Brand New You” is the most comprehensive cleansing programme available on the market today.  This is the cleanse in a kit we recommend to reclaim your health and vitality.

In this programme careful consideration has been given to every step of cleansing the body, nothing has been left out.

There is no doubt that cleansing does the body a lot of good. The results of Chris James Mind Body ’12 Days’ are a total synergy between the mind, the body and the spirit, the most amazing boost of energy, clarity and a great sense of lightness.

You might eat healthy food or you might have been consistently on a diet. However, what really matters it that you give your digestive system a rest. Our body naturally tells us when it needs a break.

This programme is divided into 4 phases to enable you to detox and cleanse your system gradually: preparation; pre-purification; power phase and maintenance.

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